About us

Wimziy&Co offers the coolest graphic looks for your kids.

Every design is created to become part of your children’s greatest moments. We bring you the option to customize their look either with names, initials, or both. 

We offer a variety of personalization options. We always use ultra-soft & comfy performance fabric. We want you and your child to love everything we make for you. 

At Wimziy & Co, we create designs and clothing for all sizes from the smallest newborn all the way up to mommy and daddy. You will find matching family designs so that your little ones can match there hero’s. Or mom and dad can match their little stars.

We also offer customizable accessories such as scarfs, arm sleeves, bags, towels, blankets, and more.

It is our mission, to give your family an easy way to stand out in excellent quality gear with a truly distinctive look.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations and adding a little whimsy and fun to your life. 

The Wimzy and the Company at Wimziy & Co.